About the Investment Society

About TIS

We are a multi-disciplinary and academically diverse society founded in 2016 by a group of University of Lagos students keen on sharing and expanding their knowledge of investment, finance and consulting.

First of its kind in any Nigerian University, we aim to teach, educate, groom and prepare members for elite careers in finance, investment and consulting. As a society that thrives on knowledge; we also aim to provide our members with the strong foundation necessary to lunch a successful career – whilst also working hard to achieve excellent academic grades.

We aim to bridge the gap between the industry and aspiring investment, finance and consulting professionals through sponsor-led workshops, intensive training programs, stock pitches, business case competitions, networking sessions, and on-campus recruiting events.

Our Operations

Research Morning Meetings

The Society’s Research Team meet daily from 6am to 7am beside The Amphitheatre to discuss and share ideas about the Local and Global Equities, Fixed income, Currencies and Commodities Markets as well as discussions around local and global economy and investment banking activities.

Video Market Update

We share our views on market activities “Markets in 60 seconds” via social media on Twitter and Instagram. Weekly update meetings and sessions about the general activities for the society. We also organize skills and career workshops for our members. Click here to subscribe to our Newsletter.

Insight Days

Monthly corporate visits to major investment banks and financial institutions for knowledge acquisition and network.

Campus to Corporate Sessions

We invite CEOs and industry professionals to share their experiences and engage in relevant intellectual Sponsor-led Trainings and Workshops we welcome sponsored trainings from our partners.

TIS Academy (The Brewery)

An internal training to help develop the technical and soft skills of our members.

Financial Literacy Day

Our Corporate Social Responsibility to secondary schools where we educate them on the importance of saving and investing.

The Colloquium

Our yearly sub-Saharan African Conference where we invite major finance stakeholders and undergraduate delegates across Africa to discuss finance issues and events as well as proffer solutions to imminent problems, Register here.

CFA Ethics and Research

Challenge Our members are groomed to represent the school at these competitions Internship Preparation.


We encourage our members to apply for internships and prepare them adequately.

Core Divisions

Investment Banking

The investment banking division of TIS has the responsibility of mirroring actual investment banking activities through Mergers and Acquisitions and capital raising simulations. They update the general society on investment banking activities such as IPOs and M&As. Meetings are held on wednesday, 7pm to 9pm at the Faculty of Social Sciences Relaxation Centre.


The securities division is responsible for researching, investing and trading different asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities on behalf of the society. They present their research views and trade recommendation to the society for approval to invest her funds.

Management Consulting

The management consulting division is poised with the responsibility of mirroring real life case situations and proffer solutions accordingly.

Alternative Investments

This divisions is responsible for researching and discussing viable and alternative ways of investing.

Back-Office Divisions

Human Resources

The people management division is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing analysts into divisions based on their personalities, career goals and needs in that division. They coordinate administrative functions of the society.

Media and Technology

This division supports all other divisions with promotional materials – graphics, photography, videography, social media management and tech solutions – websites, online forms.


All our programs, events and fun activities are duly organised and managed by the Programs division.

Corporate Communications

Dissemination of information and public relations is the core of the corporate communications division.

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